Jay Mann

Jay Mann is a Ship Bottom artist who focuses on abstract color arrangements, with an obsessive-compulsive commitment. Be it his ‘sub-primitive’ pointillism – – reminiscent of aboriginal ‘dreamscape’ art’ – or his complex crafting of vintage bakelite into Art Deco-esque pendant forms, Jay seems unable to create art that doesn’t entail lengthy effort and concentration. Jay is current working on larger glass-based ‘canvases’, utilizing vintage glass pars collected a dumpsites from the Deco Era, roughly 1920 to 1940. He has collected at such sites for the last 20 years. In the past, Jay has used horseshoe crabs, animal skulls and large bones (from wrecks off Barnegat Inlet to hold his ‘worm trail’ dot-art work). He has also developed a form of swirling latex paints on raw canvas. Using paints of varying viscosities, he quickly heats the swirled paints to keep them from melting into each other. As a crafting sidelight, he collected very rare Mullica River ‘beach’ glass – – furnace pieces dating back to the 1700s – – to feature in silver-wired pendants. Jay is Managing Editor of The Sandpaper, LBI’s weekly newspaper. He is also a naturalist and noted fishing expert. His website Jay Mann Today provides the latest in fishing and outdoor exploration in Southern Ocean County, specializing in late-breaking fishing and nature reports.

Photographed in 2007 by Janet Greco, the following images offer a glimpse into the process of Jay Mann’s eclectic art.

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Jay Mann, Artist

LBI Art Fest 2011 / Jay Mann / Art

LBI Art Fest 2011 / Jay Mann / Art

LBI Art Fest 2011 - Jay Mann Art

LBI Art Fest 2011 / Jay Mann Art

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